10 Gifts the Plant Lover in Your Life Absolutely Needs

Published November 15, 2022
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Got a plant person to shop for this holiday season? Perhaps it's your mom who has beds of award-winning blooms. Or maybe a friend of yours started a pandemic garden. Could be a colleague who's got a lively collection of pothos and ferns at their desk. Whether they're into houseplants or vegetable terraces, there is a veritable bounty of gift options for the green thumb you love.

I, like many others, became an avid horticulturalist during lockdown a few years ago. I've kept my own personal experience with homegrown flora in mind to find ten perfect little gifts that any greenery enthusiast is sure to love.

If they've been blessed with abundance, help them harvest their bounty with this attractive tote from Barebones Living. The bag's spacious main compartment is perfect for a haul of leeks, heads of romaine lettuce, bunches of herbs and more, while the quick-emptying drop-out bottom is ideal for potatoes, tomatoes, cucumbers, and onions. It features convertible straps, so it can be worn across the body, on the shoulder, or as a backpack to suit the comfort of the wearer. The handy removable liner keeps the inside free of dirt and the waxed canvas exterior is water-resistant and easy to clean.


A good pair of shears is essential to any gardener's toolkit. I love the elegant, classic design of these ones. The handles are hand-carved Pradu wood and the stainless steel blade is sharp enough to slice through rose stems, small branches, or vegetable stalks. Plus, it comes gift-ready in a pretty Thai cloth bag.

They love plants and they don't care who knows it! Dad hats are having a moment, so not only will this accessory keep the sun out of their eyes while they're out in the garden or on their daily mental-health stroll, but they'll look very on-trend, too. Adjustable, with a pre-curved bill, made of 100% cotton.

For that "Victorian solarium" home decor vibe your plant lover probably already loves. This terrarium is made of glass and steel and comes empty, so they can build inside it whatever little ecosystem they desire be it dry or moist. They can also use it as a mini-greenhouse to start seedlings!


My own love of plant life started a few years ago when I moved to a new apartment and noticed some rose canes just barely growing in a poorly-lit spot in the backyard. As soon as I transplanted them to a sunnier location, they started blooming, and I've been chasing the high of that triumph ever since. But something I learned quickly from the experience was that an ordinary pair of gardening gloves are no match for those thorny bushes. Duluth Trading Co.'s high-quality gauntlets feature prick-proof goatskin leather gloves and extra long pigskin cuffs that keep your arms safe from harm. They're even padded inside the palms for blister protection. The gift of comfort is always a wise choice.

These adorable little terracotta shroomies deliver water right where plants need it most: the roots. Ideal for houseplants, they can easily be used in small outdoor containers, too. They're playful, whimsical, and useful! What's not to love?

Evergreen: Living with Plants is a coffee table book chock-full of lush, full-color photography of stunning greenspaces and profiles of the people who maintain them. Your plant lover will be inspired by the rooftop community gardens, urban oases, and personal home jungles featured within these 256 pages.


A big component of successful gardening is cultivating nutritious soil for the plants to grow in. One way to do that is by amending your dirt with decomposed organic matter called compost! If the green thumb in your life has a compost heap brewing - or if their city has a composting initiative in place - this attractive bin will make collecting kitchen scraps simple and tidy. It has a carbon-steel outer shell with a two-quart plastic interior bin that's easy to remove and empty when it gets full. And odor won't be an issue: the lid features a carbon filter to keep any space smelling fresh. Much smarter than the empty milk carton we used when I was I kid!

This gift is a two-for-one: it's a space-saving propagation station and a chic piece of decor. The three-tiered frame is made of wood and rope and has a hanging measurement of 35 inches by 14 inches. The set comes with 16 glass beakers and even includes a cleaning brush. The design can really fit into any aesthetic, too: it's rustic farmhouse, it's minimalist, it's boho... it's perfect!

Of course, no gift guide for a plant person would be complete without a very stylish watering can. Haws's one-pint model is petite but ingeniously designed. It has an ergonomic handle attached high on the can for maneuverability and the slender spout is long and straight to deliver accurate hydration at the base of their plants without splashing everywhere.

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10 Gifts the Plant Lover in Your Life Absolutely Needs