80+ Sweet First-Day-of-School Captions for New Beginnings

Get all the likes with these first day of school Instagram captions!

Updated July 5, 2023
Confident preschooler in her classroom

It's that time of year again! Parents are pulling out their cameras to take back-to-school pictures. Since everyone is jumping on this bandwagon, you can help your images stand out with the perfect first-day-of school captions to pair with your picture-worthy post!

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First-Day-of-School Captions From Parents to Kids

The first-day-of-school can be both a blessing and an emotional day for parents. Getting kids back into their school routine and enjoying some quiet time is a remarkable thing. However, once the silence settles in, you might really start to miss them. These first-day-of-school Instagram captions can help to capture your mixed emotions.

First Day of School Caption From Parents to Kids
  • From holding my hand to stepping into the classroom. Oh, how time flies.
  • The first day of school is bittersweet. Bitter because our summer together is over, but the silence is something I will savor.
  • Today is the first day of the rest of your school year. Fly high!
  • Watching them walk away that first day always hits you right in the feels.
  • The smiles are bright on the first day. But the adventures you hear about after school are even brighter.
  • Knowledge is power, and today is the first step in gaining the power to achieve your dreams.
  • As I watch you walk away, know I'll be waiting for you here when your school day is done.
  • It's that time of year again; let the back-to-school posts begin with this little cutie.
  • Every year is a new picture and another step in life's journey.
  • It's a new year and a new first-day picture filled with positive vibes.

Back-to-School Sayings for Your Social Posts

After taking that epic first day of school picture, make sure that your first-day-of-school quotes or captions are an A+ choice! These sayings are guaranteed to get you the grade, and the likes.

Back to School Saying for Instagram
  • Looking perfect to start the day. Can't wait to see how your after school photo compares!
  • New shirt, new shoes, and a new attitude for the first day of school.
  • This little cutie is going to rock ___ grade!
  • Nothing is sweeter than a first day of school pic.
  • So proud of this little one right here. First day of a new year.
  • Nothing beats watching your little one skip off to school on the first day.
  • Keepin' it fresh this year with a new first day of school look.
  • It seems like summer will last forever, but then you blink, and they are back to school.
  • Off to make new friends and memories this year.
  • One minute you're holding them in your arms, and a short second later, they let your hand go and walk into class.

Cute and Funny Captions for the First Day of School

Your kid's first day picture turned out so cute. Make your followers on Instagram laugh with these funny phrases.

Cute and Funny Caption for First Day of School
  • Saved by the bell. The school bell!
  • I forgot what quiet sounded like.
  • The first day of school pic... you can guarantee they won't come home looking this way.
  • Now begins Mamastay. Mama stay in bed.
  • And so it begins again. Lunches, backpacks, carpools, oh my.
  • First-day hair, don't care.
  • It's funny how they jump up for that first day of school, but then the snooze button becomes their bestie.
  • All I want to do is think about the pool, but I guess it's back to school.
  • Saying goodbye to summer vacation in style. Now it's back to school.
  • While fall might be giving summer the boot, at least I'm going back to school looking cute.
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Funny one-liners and puns about school can also make great captions! If you are looking to put together a light-hearted post, this can be an easy way to bring some laughs!

Perfect Pre-K Captions to Highlight Their Very First Day

The most memorable first-day-of-school photos are usually the very first and the very last. For the parents who are sending off their big kid to school for the very first time, here are some sweet sayings to pair with this big moment!

Perfect Pre-K Captions to Highlight Their Very First Day
  • Your future is bright little one. Up, up, and away you go!
  • And just like that, you are in preschool. I'll just be over here bawling my eyes out.
  • I forgot what it felt like to have to get up and get ready each day. This is going to be an adventure for the both of us. #firstdayofschool
  • To my big kid: Wishing you nothing but the best on your very first day!
  • Today marks a big step forward towards your independence. I cannot wait to see what you accomplish.
  • Get ready world! This little guy/gal is off to build that brain.
  • I hope your teachers realize how lucky they are to spend the day with you sweet boy/girl. I love you.
  • The first day of school seemed so exciting until the silence set in. It surprises me to say, I cannot wait for you to get home and bring back the noise!
  • I cannot wait to see you fall in love with learning and watch you grow! Preschool, here we go!
  • Backpack is on, shoes are tied, all that's left is to go inside. #firstdayofschool

Last First-Day-of-School Captions for Seniors

Similarly, as your baby heads off to their senior year, it can hit you in all the feels. The tradition you've been building together for the last 13 years is coming to an end. For parents, grace every picture with a heartfelt caption that shows off your pride. For seniors, caption your excitement as you head into this monumental year!

Last First Day of School Caption for Seniors
  • Today begins a lot of firsts and a few lasts. Happy last first day!
  • And with this picture, I shed a tear. This begins the first day of my baby's senior year. His/her last first day is finally here.
  • Every year a new first-day picture has lined the wall. Well, this is the last first of them all.
  • There is always something a little bittersweet about taking your first day of school picture as a senior. You realize it's the last one.
  • The moment I've waited for my entire school career: the first day of my senior year.
  • It's the first day of my last year until freedom! #letsdothis
  • Take a moment. Take a breath. You are a senior. #backtoschool
  • The first day of school takes on a new meaning when you become a senior. A new adventure is about to begin.
  • Going back to school in style. Rockin' senior year!
  • Start the clock: It's the final countdown!
  • Is it possible for senioritis to start this soon? #lastfirstday

Fun Back-to-School Instagram Captions for Teachers

It's not just kids who partake in the back-to-school picture day fun. Teachers also get in on the fun!

Fun Back to School Instagram Captions for Teachers
  • I love teaching, I do, but I love summer vacation too. #backtoschoolagain
  • New year, same teacher. Going back to school.
  • Most of my students come in looking great on the first day, so I feel like I need to make an effort too.
  • Let the fun begin! It is back to school again!
  • I've been waiting for this. It's time to enhance young minds.
  • Summer was exciting, but it's time for these kids to start writing! #languageartslearning
  • Going back to school is an exciting time of year...the return of paychecks always brings good cheer!
  • New year, a whole new classroom.
  • Even though summer is done, we can still have fun!
  • It's all about first impressions.

Sentimental First-Day-of-School Instagram Captions

It's hard not to get sentimental when it comes to first day of school captions and posts. Show how much this tradition means to you with these thoughtful first day of school captions.

Sentimental Instagram Caption for First Day of School
  • And just like that, you're starting a whole new adventure.
  • I'm so excited to see you grow. But your first day of school is hard on a parent, you know.
  • Your first day of school. How can it be? A second ago, they were handing me a sweet baby.
  • The first day of school is already here. How did you grow up so fast?
  • I can't believe it's time for the first day of school. Where did my baby go?
  • With a smile and excitement, you hopped on the bus. But my heart is missing your face and putting up quite a fuss.
  • It's exciting to have your first day of school. But it's thrilling to hug you tightly when it's all over.
  • School is the first step in reaching your dreams. Like a star, you will soar towards them.
  • There they go. Their adventure is starting.
  • A lot excited and a little anxious. It's the first day of school!

Famous Quotes for First-Day-of-School Captions

Want to add a little celebrity inspiration to your first day of school caption? Try a few popular and poignant quotes spoken by individuals we look up to in life.

Famous Quotes for First Day of School Caption
  • "Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." - Nelson Mandela
  • "Let us remember: One book, one pen, one child, and one teacher can change the world. - Malala Yousafzai
  • "A child who has become master of his acts through long and repeated exercises, and who has been encouraged by the pleasant and interesting activities in which he has been engaged, is a child filled with health and joy and remarkable for his calmness and discipline." - Maria Montessori
  • "Don't settle for average. Bring your best to the moment. Then, whether it fails or succeeds, at least you know you gave all you had." - Angela Bassett
  • "Education is our passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs only to the people who prepare for it today." - Malcolm X
  • "An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest." - Benjamin Franklin
  • "Girls' education is a powerful tool for building peace and security." - Malala Yousafzai
  • "Let us think of education as the means of developing our greatest abilities, because in each of us there is a private hope and dream which, fulfilled, can be translated into benefit for everyone and greater strength for our Nation." - John F. Kennedy
  • "The road to freedom, here and everywhere on earth, begins in the classroom." - Hubert Humphrey
  • "There is a flickering spark in us all which, if struck at just the right age...can light the rest of our lives, elevating our ideals, deepening our tolerance and sharpening our appetite for knowledge about the rest of the world. Educational and cultural exchanges...provide a perfect opportunity for this precious spark to grow, making us more sensitive and wiser international citizens through our careers." - Ronald Reagan
  • "You're off to Great Places! Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting, So... get on your way!" - Dr. Suess

First-Day-of School Sayings to Help You Remember the Moment

It's fun to take a picture of your kiddos on their first day heading back to school. Not only is it a memory, but this tradition also allows parents to see how much their kids have grown and changed over the years. Share your pictures with the world on Instagram and Snapchat with a captivating caption to commemorate the occasion!

80+ Sweet First-Day-of-School Captions for New Beginnings