13 Camper Decor Ideas to Personalize Your Home on Wheels

Take your personal style out on the open road. These camper decorating ideas give you interior inspiration for every mile.

Published August 6, 2023

Beautiful interiors aren't reserved for the stationary homes of the world. Your camper or van can look like a luxurious getaway and a cozy home all at once. These camper decor ideas will help you discover your camper style and aesthetic so you can decorate and travel with beauty.

Draw Inspiration From Nature


If you're living life to the fullest from a camper, then you probably have a deep love of nature. Let that love inspire your camper van decor. Raw wood edges, plenty of greenery, and rattan details bring the outside in to your cozy camper.

Consider Storage


The trick to a beautiful camper interior is to keep clutter contained. To do that, you need clever storage that keeps your space clean and adds to the overall aesthetic. Drawers and cabinets wherever possible might be your first storage source. Look for any small space that you can convert into a storage area. For smaller items, add shelves, baskets, and bins.

Use Compact Furniture Pieces


You might want to dine outdoors or enjoy a movie night in the fresh air, but you also want to keep your space free of unnecessary items. Small furniture pieces that can fold and tuck away easily will be your best friend in camper life. With compact furniture, you can enjoy all the luxuries of a spacious home -- including entertaining friends -- without having to maintain all that square footage.

Lean Into Cottagecore


Some interior design styles just lend themselves well to specific spaces and homes. The camper life can easily become the cottage life when you embrace the cozy cottagecore aesthetic. Small florals, vintage pieces, and nature-inspired details bring the style to your camper van for an interior that just feels right.

Metal Decor Just Makes Sense


Your camper might be sporting the warm, earthy vibes of wood details, and that works much to your advantage. Metal complements those vibes with contrasting cool, industrial details. The blend of these two gives your camper a semi-rustic and semi-modern style that's truly timeless among camper aesthetics.

Light & White Decor Feels Airy


The sights you'll get to see in your camper will provide you with endless bright, dark, and rich colors. Contrast that with a cool, airy interior. White and other light colors make your camper feel more spacious, look less cluttered, and instantly elevate your overall style.

Dark Wood Sets You Apart


If bright white isn't your vibe, but you want to be set apart from the warm and light tones often seen in campers, reach for elegant dark wood. Walls, cabinets, floors, and decor details sporting a darker wood stain feel sophisticated, moody, and striking. Complement these tones with shades of black, jewel tones, and cool neutrals.

Tap Into Your Boho Side


The bohemian style has evolved a lot over the past decade, but it still reigns as the king of camper decor themes. Macramé, lots of plant life, warm tones, and all the natural fibers you can think of make this style perfect for the camper or van life. It's a classic style choice that may ebb and flow with the trends, but it will always be timeless in campers.

Choose the Coziest Bedding


No matter how compact your sleeping quarters may be, cozy bedding is a must. Thick duvets, soft blankets, fluffy mattress pads, and the comfiest pillows make your camper sleeping experience dreamy and add soft textures to your space. The volume of cozy bedding will also add that welcoming vibe you want your camper to have.

Welcome Wallpaper to Your Camper


This classic interior design finish can transform your camper. Wallpaper adds interest, depth, and personality to the walls or ceiling of your camper van. If you've been looking for a camper decor element that showcases your style and makes your space unique to you, wallpaper is the way to go.

Extend Your Modern Farmhouse Aesthetic


The style that's still ruling the interior design space, modern farmhouse, is just as beloved among camper owners. Stark white and matte black make your camper look larger and provide that classic modern farmhouse contrast. White shiplap, black trim, and wood accents make your camper an Instagram-worthy space.

You Can't Have Too Many Throw Pillows


This rule applies to large homes and campers alike: you can never have too many throw pillows. For your camper, decorative throw pillows are an opportunity to introduce new textures, fun colors, and soft details. Whether your style is boho or Scandinavian, mixing and matching throw pillows adds the coziness your camper needs.

You Can Still Decorate Seasonally


That's right, you don't have to pack away your seasonal pumpkin decor forever. You can still change up your style throughout the year in a smaller space. Look for ways you can decorate outside of a parked camper or incorporate subtle seasonal colors and prints. Rugs, blankets, pillows, and dinnerware can all sport your favorite seasonal details.

Travel in Style


We all want our home, whether long-term or temporary, to feel like home. Decor and finishes are part of making that space feel like it's where you belong. Your personal style and interests should direct how you decorate your camper van so your travels always feel like you're right at home.

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13 Camper Decor Ideas to Personalize Your Home on Wheels