8 of the Best Basil Companion Plants for Perfect Green Harmony

Looking for herb squad goals? These are basil's BFFs!

Published August 1, 2023

Few herbs compare to the versatility, aromatics, and flavors of basil. And, as an added bonus, you can grow basil indoors, outdoors, on your windowsill, or in the ground. So what's the catch?

There are a few plants that make for excellent basil companion plant roommates, and there are a few that strike the wrong cord. Not to worry, we have the answers for the best companion plants for your basil.



Just like you, basil also loves tomatoes from the top of the plants to their toes. It might be said over and over and over again, but the adage "if it grows together, it goes together" is true through and through for tomatoes and basil. Just think caprese salads to tomato sauce.

The scent of the basil helps to keep hornworms and other insects at bay and away from those juicy tomatoes while the leafy tomato plant gives the basil the ideal amount of shade.

Bell Peppers


Peppers reap the most benefits in the situationship that is companion planting with basil. Like with tomatoes, basil keeps pesky bugs away from your peppers (more for you!). Oh, and those leafy, bushy basil plants? They trap all sorts of heat and water that pepper plants love so much.



For those brave enough to give growing asparagus a go, add some basil to the mix to give your garden a strong defense against aphids, among other hungry bugs. Those two will work to draw in lady bugs, who love a good aphid dinner, and the basil will keep asparagus beetles away.



Like asparagus, basil and marigolds work together as a team to keep pests, bugs, and destructive insects away from your garden. And since marigolds already do so much work to keep pests away from tomatoes, why not add basil to enjoy with your tomatoes, too?

Carrots and Root Vegetables


While carrots, turnips, and radishes are doing all of their hard growing work below ground, they need their leafy tops to stay healthy and uneaten by insects. Thankfully, pungent basil is here to offend the noses of those insects and keep them away.

Quick Tip

While not a root vegetable, it's for the same reason that basil makes an excellent companion plant for garlic.

Chamomile, Chives, and Parsley


Complete your dream herb garden by adding basil to your chives, chamomile, and parsley. You can even plant some oregano. Together, these work together to draw in pollinators, making your garden the buzz of the hive. All these herbs love the same sun and water conditions.

It doesn't end there. When planted together, the flavors of these herbs become even more prominent.



Bor-who? Borage! It's a plant with blue blossoms shaped like stars, and your basil will thrive alongside borage. Aside from drawing in buzzing and fluttering pollinators, the borage bolsters the growth of your basil and its flavors. Oh, and you can use the borage blossoms as a garnish, too.

Avoid Cucumbers, Thyme, Rosemary, and Fennel


If you, like us, love licorice, then you're a Fennel fan. However, for those who love Fennel and basil, those two don't do well together. Far from encouraging your basil to grow, Fennel will stunt or even kill your basil completely.

For cucumbers and basil, the water-loving veggie needs far more than basil, and basil can even alter the flavor of your cucumbers, and not for the better. The same applies to rosemary, who loves water more than basil as well. As for thyme, sage, and other herbs, they don't play well together either.

The Best Basil Buddies


There's a world of buddies for your bountiful, bushy, balmy, British racing green basil. From tomatoes to parsley to garlic to carrots, basil companion plants are a foolproof way to test the waters of just how green your thumb can be.

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8 of the Best Basil Companion Plants for Perfect Green Harmony