50+ Positive and Funny 40th Birthday Quotes

Published August 24, 2022
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Turning 40 is a momentous, quote-worthy occasion. Whether you're looking to caption your own 40th birthday selfie or you're searching for the right way to wish someone else a happy birthday on this major milestone, there are plenty of celebratory options to consider. From short and sweet to funny or even inspirational, you're sure to find the perfect way to express the sentiment you'd like to share in the collection of 40th birthday quotes below.

40th Birthday Quotes for Yourself

40th Birthday Quote for Yourself

If you're celebrating your 40th birthday, you don't have to wait for other people to wish you a happy birthday. Snap a fabulous-at-40 birthday selfie and caption your own social shout out with some self-love.

  • Hello four-oh!
  • Aging gracefully. #40
  • I survived turning 40.
  • Four decades on parade.
  • 40 and smiling ear to ear.
  • Today, I am fabulously 40.
  • All aglow at the big 4-oh.
  • Midlife and marvelous. #40
  • I turned 40 today and I like it.
  • Don't hate me because I'm 40.
  • Gearing up to own my 5th decade. #40
  • Does this birthday make me look mature? #40

Short 40th Birthday Quotes

Short 40th Birthday Quote

Looking for a short and sweet way to help a friend or loved one greet their 40th birthday? Try the brief but catchy quotes below.

  • Embrace 40.
  • Cheers to 40!
  • Smile, you're 40!
  • Be the boss of 40!
  • Make 40 your year.
  • Enjoy 40 in all its glory.
  • May 40 be a magical year.
  • Keep on rocking in your 4-ohs.
  • Enjoy your decade upgrade. #40
  • Celebrate 40 like there's no tomorrow.
  • Middle age is all the rage! Happy 40th.

Funny 40th Birthday Quotes

Funny 40th Birthday Quote

Spread a bit of birthday joy by sharing a silly birthday saying with someone who is marking their 40th trip around the sun.

  • Show your fifth decade who's boss.
  • Congratulations on leveling up from your 30s.
  • Gettin' old is a sight to behold! Happy 40th.
  • Enjoy your 40s while you can still remember them!
  • I'm thrilled to welcome you to the other side of the hill.
  • How does it feel to join the middle age club? Happy 40th!
  • Age is just a number, but 40 sure is a big one! Happy birthday!
  • You're growing old, but you don't have to grow up. Happy 40th!
  • Now that you're 40, how's the view from the other side of the hill?
  • You always knew you'd turn 40 someday. Today is that day. Make it a good one!
  • The time to make new memories is now, for soon you'll start forgetting them. Happy 40th.

Positive 40th Birthday Quotes

Positive 40th Birthday Quote

Birthdays are a time for celebrating, so sharing a positive attitude via upbeat birthday sayings like the ones below are always appropriate.

  • May 40 be your best year yet!
  • Age is just a state of mind. Happy 40th.
  • Way to survive getting older. Happy 4-0!
  • Happy birthday - 40 looks fabulous on you!
  • Have a legendary 40th birthday, my friend.
  • May this new decade be an upgrade. Happy 40th!
  • Celebrate your ruby jubilee with lots and lots of glee!
  • Your first three decades were just practice for your roaring 40s.
  • May your 40th year be filled with smooth sailing and nothing but cheer.
  • You're the best looking 40 year-old I ever did see! Happy, happy birthday to you from me.

Inspirational 40th Birthday Quotes

Inspirational 40th Birthday Quote

It's always the right time to share an inspirational message. That's especially true when someone you care about is marking a milestone birthday like turning 40.

  • Happy 40th. The best is yet to come.
  • May your 40th birthday wishes all come true.
  • May your 40s be the most delightful of decades.
  • Aging is a privilege. Use it well. Happy 40th birthday.
  • May the joy of your 40th year exceed your wildest dreams.
  • May you have a joyous day today and many more birthdays to celebrate in the future.
  • What an amazing life you have had, with even more awesomeness still to come. Happy 40th!
  • The world has been a brighter place for the last 40 years because you're in it. Happy birthday!
  • As you celebrate your 40th year, take a moment to reflect on all you hold dear. Happy birthday.
  • Look at all you've accomplished in a mere 40 years on earth. I can't wait to see what you do next.

Spread 40th Birthday Cheer

Birthday cheer is a good idea every year. It's especially important for milestone birthdays. Whether you're throwing a 40th birthday party for a friend or loved one, or you're just looking for the ideal message to text or write in a card, use the quotes above to spread 40th birthday cheer.

50+ Positive and Funny 40th Birthday Quotes