100 Wedding Instagram Captions From Sweet to Funny

Published March 24, 2022
happy couple at their wedding

Weddings are beautiful celebrations of love, life, friendship, and family. Capture the spirit of the special day in pictures; and add fitting captions unique to each image to share via Instagram. Whether you're looking for a sweet saying or something clever and funny, you're sure to find just the right wording in this collection of captions suitable for a special wedding day.

Funny Wedding Day Instagram Captions

bride smiling in convertible car

Weddings are beautiful, but the big day can be stressful. Lighten the mood and put everyone at ease with these cute and funny wedding Instagram captions.

  • Let it bride.
  • Today we bride!
  • Aisle be seeing you.
  • Don't veil me now.
  • It's a great day to get hitched.
  • It's a great day for the right wedding.
  • Wed today, honeymoon tomorrow.
  • Today's forecast: 100% chance of marriage.

Heartfelt Captions From the Happy Couple

women partners at wedding ceremony

Use these emotional captions to make your Instagram debut as partners for life.

  • Forever begins today.
  • Our hearts are whole.
  • Never letting go.
  • We are invincible.
  • Only the future matters.
  • How did we get so lucky?
  • Together, we are whole.
  • Destiny brought us to this day.
  • This is the day love has made.
  • The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Silly Captions From the Newlyweds

Wedding captions don't have to be romantic or sentimental. Silly sayings are also a great way to share your love.

  • There's no going back now!
  • We're in the wed!
  • Off the market!
  • The veil is lifted.
  • The deed is done!
  • Signed, sealed, and delivered!
  • Leavin' the single life in the dust.
  • Sorry, folks! We're off the market.
  • Who else would put up with either of us?

Sweet Captions for Photos of the Newlyweds

couple at wedding under confetti

As a wedding guest, be sure to add a sweet caption if you post any photos of the newlyweds from their special day.

  • They did.
  • Pride and promises.
  • All roads lead to love.
  • This is what love looks like.
  • They make me believe in love.
  • May your love and joy grow hand in hand forever.
  • What an honor to share their special day and witness their love.
  • Love has a unique beauty all its own.
  • Their paths converged to create a life filled with love.

Lovely Captions for Bridal Photos

bride with bouquet

Use these wonderful words to express the unique loveliness of a bride on her wedding day.

  • The look of love.
  • A portrait of love.
  • Forever and a day.
  • The new Mrs.
  • She is my world.
  • She is everything.
  • The aisle awaits.
  • Ready to rock down the aisle.

Gentlemanly Captions for Pics of the Groom

Enhance images of grooms on their big day with captions that capture the moment.

  • One lucky mister.
  • Ready to commit.
  • He found the one.
  • He is my forever.
  • Forever starts today.
  • Marriage suits him.
  • A lifetime of love lies ahead.
  • One step closer to happily ever after.

Wedding Captions for the Bridal Party

wedding party bridesmaids and groomsmen walking down sidewalk together

From bridesmaids to groomsmen and flower girls to ring bearers, these captions shine a light on the wedding party.

  • Keep calm and wedding party on.
  • Twinning with my BFFs.
  • A real stand-up crew.
  • Can't say 'I do' without my crew!
  • Besties always stand up for you.
  • My best friends and I are a package deal.
  • Best friends deserve a place of honor.
  • Getting married with my band of brothers behind me.
  • With my squad by my side, I'm ready to be a bride.
  • There will always be room for friends of the groom.

Family-Focused Wedding Captions

There are always some family-only wedding shots. Make them shine on social media with creative captions.

  • My family is your family.
  • Weddings are for families.
  • Family is everything.
  • In-laws make the dream work.
  • Weddings make families grow.
  • Our family has a new daughter/son.
  • My heart is full for my brother/sister.
  • Weddings have the power to bring families together.

Funny Wedding Captions for Friends to Post

wedding couple funny face

When your friends get married, there are a lot of opportunities for humorous Insta captions, as well as more serious wedding wishes.

  • So that's what forever looks like.
  • Your marriage awaits.
  • Better them than me!
  • They're two peas in a pod.
  • I'll miss being your wing person.
  • There's not a better pair anywhere.
  • Looks like you swiped in the right direction.
  • They're living proof that opposites attract!
  • Today a wedding, tomorrow a new adventure.
  • There's a little less competition in the dating pool.

Silly Wedding Reception Captions for Guests to Share

Marriage is a serious matter, but the reception is all about fun. Document the after-party antics with these fun captions.

  • The after-promise party.
  • I just came for the buffet.
  • Let the toasting begin!
  • Love, marriage, and an open bar.
  • The wedding's done; it's time for fun!
  • I'm lovin' the pre-honeymoon bash.
  • Dancin' like somebody just got married.
  • It's all fun and games now that the wedding is done.
  • There's nothing better than being single at a wedding.
  • Happily ever after starts tomorrow. Tonight, we party.

Cute Elopement Announcement Captions

If you opted to elope, most of your friends and family will probably find out about the wedding via your social media profile. Use these captions to share your happy news.

  • Our vacay had a nice ring to it.
  • The knot is tied.
  • Just call us the runaway couple.
  • We did a thing and didn't invite you (or anyone).
  • That time we got married on a cruise ship.
  • Do these outfits make us look married? 'Cause we are!
  • You can stop asking when we're going to tie the knot.
  • Big wedding? No way! We actually got married yesterday.
  • In fairness, we did tell you that we were going to Las Vegas.
  • The good news is, you don't have to come to our wedding. We eloped!

Share Wedded Bliss Far and Wide

Whether you just got married or you participated in the wedding of a friend or loved one, you're sure to create a social media stir when you post pictures with these captions on the big day. From Insta to Facebook or Snapchat and more, spread the word about the happy couple with photos galore.

100 Wedding Instagram Captions From Sweet to Funny